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Houxlala exclusively at Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Porcelaine Moderne celebrates each moment by creating objects that accompany seasonal rituals and profound changes.

Modern Porcelain Photographer Oleg Sotnik

The Houxlala collection was born from the desire to bring contemporary pieces into the world of celebrating the winter solstice, a necessary ritual for the body and the mind.

The holly leaves used in the production of this collection are stamps designed and sculpted by hand by Caroline Gazel, the creator of Porcelaine Moderne, which are applied to the earth during the modeling of the pieces.

These pieces dry then are delicately polished and fired for the first time before being enameled. It is only once the enamelling has been completed that the liquid gold can be applied with a brush by the gilders before being fixed by a third and final firing at 720°.

The Houxlala collection is a tribute to the Houx collections produced by the Digoin Sarreguemine and Moulin des Loups earthenware factories which majestically took their place on our grandmothers' tables during the end of year celebrations.

The Houxlala collection was presented exclusively at Le Bon Marché during its thematic exhibition from Christmas to winter 2022-2023.


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