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  • The Business Girl collection was designed for women who are passionate about the world of business, commerce and entrepreneurship.

    This mug is encouragement as much as it is an affirmation and an invitation to perseverance.

    The Business Girl collection is modeled by hand, the small planes are also stamped one by one in the earth at the time of modeling and the text for a change is gilded with platinum instead of gold.

    The Maxi Mug was designed for lovers of great teas and herbal teas for those who no longer want to get up fifteen times to refill their cup during the day ;)

    Business Girl might be the little note you need or someone you know needs.

    All of our creations are handmade in our workshop located in Clichy and all of our pieces are gilded with fine gold.

    Capacity 25cl mug and 50cl maxi mug


    Maxi Business Girl Mug

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