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The Porcelaine Moderne collections are dedicated to slow-living and aim to meet new needs for eco-responsible living.

We use a fine earthenware paste for our pieces.

We made this choice for the mechanical resistance of this earth and for the beauty of its color.

Because it is essential to know the origin of the products we use, we would like to share our manufacturing process with you.

We implement three different techniques: hand modeling, stamping and molding.

We use the first two techniques to create original pieces and the third to bring utilitarian or iconic pieces of the French art of living up to date.

The pieces that we manufacture require up to three firings: one for the biscuit, one for the enamelling and the last to fix the luster or the gold that we apply with a brush to adorn our texts.

As previously stated, our pieces are made of fine earthenware, we choose lead-free enamel and we have selected 8 and 12% gold.

Handmade pieces may not be perfectly similar,

This is all the charm of Porcelaine Moderne and all the subtlety of craftsmanship.

Porcelaine Moderne was created in 2020 by Caroline Gazel to meet new needs while creating simple and elegant objects.

Earthenware has in fact proven to be the most interesting material for the creation of new objects thanks to the production methods imagined at Porcelaine Moderne.

The small brand became noticed in October 2020 with its flower bread, an object designed for lovers of dried flowers which helped raise awareness of the brand.

The collections have continued to grow ever since!

handmade in france porcelaine moderne
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