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How to call the Universe Everyday! Porcelaine Moderne in the windows of Printemps Haussmann!

The Corolle Bowl “I call the Universe everyday” from Porcelaine Moderne in the Christmas windows of Printemps Haussmann!

I am filled with joy at the idea of sharing with you a special moment of our adventure. It's an almost magical moment, the likes of which few exist and which gives even more meaning to the Porcelaine Moderne collections.

Imagine my surprise and my emotion upon discovering the creations of Porcelaine Moderne, carefully placed at the heart of the magical Christmas windows of Printemps Haussmann in Paris, among some of my favorite brands and which are part of my house and therefore also a bit of world of Porcelaine Moderne.

At the heart of this selection is the corolla cup, emblazoned with the phrase that has guided me since 2014: “I call the Universe everyday”. This expression is much more than a decoration, it is a daily wish, a mantra that I share with you today.

It is with great joy that Porcelaine Moderne joined the Printemps Haussmann Christmas festivities. Our decorative objects with text have found their place in these beautifully decorated windows, in perfect harmony with the theme of the Christmas messenger. A recognition that, in my eyes, goes beyond words.

Among the selection of the wonderful Spring buyers, two objects carry messages that are particularly close to my heart. The “100 Ways to Love” vases and mugs embody the diversity of forms of affection, a message that I wish to share. Like, the maxi mug "Dare to be Imperfect" which beyond its function is a real encouragement to accept yourself and to be yourself.

The surprise of the windows did not arrive alone since I also had the immense pleasure of finding the “I call the Universe everyday” cup, superbly highlighted in the Printemps Christmas catalog.

It is with great gratitude that I share these magical moments with you. Whether you discover our creations at Printemps Haussmann, through the Christmas catalog, or simply through these words, I hope that each piece of Porcelaine Moderne brings you a little of the simplicity and magic that inspired it.

With gratitude,

Caroline Gazel


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