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The Introduction to Happiness collection

The Introduction to Happiness collection is one of the first Porcelaine Moderne projects and I say projects because it is a theme that existed before Porcelaine Moderne.

This collection was born from the meeting of two little stories of life. On the one hand, the story of my friend Anastasia who had to rush back to Moscow to start her life again, she had left her Christmas decorations behind and instead, she had hung her wishes on small papers.

Such a lovely way of doing things, it had a huge impact on me and on the other side of the continent, there was me and my madness for large fir trees.

I started this quest for the big tree when I was 25, it was the crisis, I was having trouble finding my first job and I still wanted a tree for Christmas.

I got a small tree at a good price because it had been damaged by the rain, I even added branches found in the street to make it look a little less stunted.

Like my professional situation, my tree grew from year to year!

When I stopped working as an employee, I didn't want to give up my Christmas tree which now touched the ceiling every year.

I didn't want to give it up because it represented the spirit of Christmas for me, I preferred to use the gift budget for the tree budget because what I wanted was to be able to get up enjoying this beautiful tree which represented the spirit Christmas every morning.

I had replaced the gifts with fake gifts from my *Christmas will kill you* exhibition and what mattered were the values of this time of year.

That was it, the introduction to happiness project, nine tassels to hang in the tree with nine little words of happiness.

The nine most important values for me, those which have more meaning than all gifts and which I wanted to share through this project.

Love, joy, happiness, presence because it is so important to be there for those around us, for our elders, help because there are so many things we can do just by giving a few moments of our time, benevolence, goodness and gratitude, tenderness because it is so important to be to live in a spirit of gentleness.

This earthenware Christmas decoration collection was one of the first prototypes made in 2020 and it was in 2022 that this collection began to be available in small coffee cups and bowls before expanding to take almost all shapes that existed in the workshop, mugs and vases of all sizes, maxi cups and pendants this year.

A collection designed to accompany the little moments of your days, objects designed like little gifts to say the little words we need and the little thoughts we want to share.

The Introduction to Happiness collection is the great classic of Porcelaine Moderne, you can easily find it online and in stores.


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