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Pumpkin Paradise, autumn according to Porcelaine Moderne

Centerpiece for fall fall table center piece

Porcelaine Moderne inaugurates a new stage in its development with the publication of its first blog article dedicated to the art of living throughout the seasons.

To help you discover the world of its creator, her inspirations as well as her aspirations, her passions, we start with the creation of a centerpiece to set the tone in the living room, made up of a crocheted Swan Lake placemat. found in a flea market on the Arcachon basin this summer, accompanied by dried flowers from Castellet-les-Sausses, Little Jack pumpkins and a pumpkin.

All these elements with Halloween accents accompany the Merci, Sparkle et je t'aime micro-vases made in Paris in the Porcelaine Moderne workshop. A vase from the 100 ways to love collection available from November 9, 2023 at Printemps boulevard Haussmann has also found a little space for itself!

Autumn is the time to prepare your environment for the arrival of winter; a large vase of eucalyptus that is left to dry can help ward off the first cold snaps of the season. You will then just need to harvest a few leaves which you will leave to simmer in a pan of water which you will monitor carefully. You can inhale and your house will delicately take on the smell of eucalyptus.

It is important to take advantage of every moment of the year to organize events in which to get together if the party for no reason had no other purpose than to create an opportunity to get together. September 29 is the day when Christians celebrated courage through the figure of Saint Michael. Between Michaelmas and Martins, many fairs are held in the countryside to celebrate the harvest, so it's the ideal time to showcase the goodness of the countryside in our homes.

Shine My Love

To celebrate courage and in particular the courage to move forward towards one's dreams, Porcelaine Moderne has put Shine My Love products online with a pretty candle delicately scented with lilac, a Shine My Love dish and exclusively on the site the garland in Shine My Love earthenware.

Shine My Love is a little message of encouragement from Jorge, a friend of the designer, a little message for all adventurers too modest to tell of their successes or too shy to dare to dream

This little celebration of courage is the perfect opportunity to present to you the first Modern Porcelain garland exclusively available on the site.

Autumn heralds the return of aperitif dinners and dinners at home, so it will be the ideal time for you to discover the recipe for Little Jack pumpkins stuffed with beef and Comté cheese and we will explain in detail how to organize a party for no reason !


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