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Porcelaine Moderne and TIL Time to Care: When Elegance Meets Linden

The magic of meeting people on social networks no longer needs to be proven, and this is how the story between Porcelaine Moderne and Til Time to Care began. A spontaneous connection between two worlds, that of earthenware decoration and that of beauty and well-being products based on lime, gave birth to a unique and harmonious collaboration.

It all started on Instagram, where the enchanting aesthetic of the lime trees on the Til Time to Care family estate caught the eye of Porcelaine Moderne. The founder, Sylvie, discovered Porcelaine Moderne’s earthenware decorative objects at Bon Marché Rive Gauche, creating an instant artistic connection.

A Competition for Mother’s Day

Their first collaboration took shape during a contest on Instagram for Mother's Day. Uniting their creativity, Porcelaine Moderne provided unique pieces to embellish the Til Time to Care table. A hand-stamped basswood bract gave an elegant relief to the various elements of the table, creating a refined visual experience.

Weekend Escape to the Dordogne: A Feast for the Senses

Sylvie and her sisters then invited influencers to discover their family estate in Dordogne. Porcelaine Moderne added its touch of elegance by preparing sets of dishes, bowls and napkin rings hand-stamped with the distinctive Til Time to Care logo, a linden tree bract. To add a delicious touch to this sensory experience, a renowned chef has designed a feast showcasing linden cuisine.

A new collaboration for the end-of-year holidays

Their partnership evolved over time, culminating in a new holiday collaboration. The "Golden Ticket" competition on Instagram offers the winners unique gifts, including a Modern Porcelain soap dish, decorated with a delicate golden lime bract, accompanied by a lime soap from Til Time to Care.

The synergy between Porcelaine Moderne and Til Time to Care transcends a simple commercial partnership. It is a story of shared passion for art, nature and elegance. This unique collaboration is brought to life in each hand-stamped piece, creating a refined experience for those who appreciate the marriage of artistic beauty and the natural benefits of basswood.

A collection of cups stamped with the linden bract, Til's emblematic logo, is also available online on the site.

TiL is a family brand of beauty and self-care based on the only natural antidote to stress; the Linden. Healthy, effective and hedonistic products which, for the first time, take care of your skin, your body and your mind.


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