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Pumpkin Little Jack stuffed with county!

Ingredients for 8 people

- 8 Little Jack pumpkins

- 500 gr of portobello mushrooms

- 500 gr of barley

- 1 yellow onion

- Fresh thyme

- 200 gr of Comté cheese

- Two cloves of garlic

- 200 gr of dry bread

- Two eggs

For the sauce

- 100 gr of cashew nuts

- Cayenne peppers

- A clove of garlic

To start, soak your cashew nuts in water for an hour then brush your little jack pumpkins and steam them for 15 minutes.

Now let's prepare the stuffing, cut the onion into small cubes then brown it in a pan in a little olive oil with two pressed garlic cloves. Mix regularly and brown over low heat.

Let's take advantage of the onions cooking to reduce the bread into breadcrumbs in the blender then brush the mushrooms before cutting them into cubes and browning them with the onions.

Take out two salad bowls, one for the meat recipe and one for vegetarians, you can distribute the proportions according to the number of guests and add one egg per salad bowl.

Your pumpkins are certainly precooked, quickly open your steamers and let them cool. You can now cook your barley following the instructions on the package (about 30-35 minutes of cooking).

Pour in the meat, bread and thyme, grate the Comté and let the onion and mushroom preparation cool before incorporating it into the mixtures, always depending on the number of vegetarians you will have at the table. Don't forget to add pepper, the county will take care of salting everything ;)

The barley is cooking, it's time to empty the pumpkins with a tablespoon or teaspoon, arrange the seeds but above all reserve your hats which you will have nicely cut out and which you will put back on the pumpkins for cooking in the oven without forgetting to collect the excess flesh under the skin of the cap to add it to the preparation of the cashew sauce.

You can then start stuffing your pumpkins with the meat stuffing that you have previously mixed well, put the caps back on and place them on the tray of your oven.

The barley is now ready, you can add some to your vegetarian mixture and stuff your last pumpkins with it.

Then bake everything in one or two ovens depending on your possibilities for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.

Cover the barley to keep it warm, or set it aside in a covered vegetable bowl to keep it warm.

To prepare the sauce, in the blender bowl, you will have poured the cashew nuts, a clove of garlic, salt, pepper and the flesh of the pumpkin caps with a little cayenne pepper to spice it all up. Then mix until smooth and creamy.

Ding! It's ready ! Serve at the table or on the plate according to your wishes and delight both the eyes and the taste buds of your guests for a lovely autumn or Halloween dinner!


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