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The F*ck All collection

The Fuck All collection represents listening to oneself, asserting one's will in a world dominated by society's influence on our ego.

This collection is a bulwark against the unexpected advice of those around you who are sometimes too concerned about what people will say, too worried about tomorrow or simply too inclined to meddle in other people's affairs.

When I decided to leave my job I had to face criticism and advice of all kinds and I am more than delighted to share with you the different remarks that marked me and which inspired this collection.

The “it’s not the right time, you should have invested before leaving”, the “you’ll do what you love when you retire!” » accompanied by “I was proud of you when you were agency director with your big office”.

I also got the "you're spending all your money on your projects but we're worried about you, we want to make sure you know you're not going to make it" from some of my friends. Of course I said don't worry, I know.

However, with this kind of interference, it is sometimes difficult to believe 100% in yourself and your plans.

Handmade tall vase made in France
Thunder Fuck All Vase

As it is difficult to find the balance between confidence and prudence, it is essential to sort out our own fears and the fears of others, those that they transmit to us in spite of themselves.

If you recognize yourself in this kind of situation, if you too need a little help to continue to evolve in your difference or if you want to encourage someone in this path, then this collection was created for that!

A little help in the form of objects that could be carried around the house.

Collection to order online and discover at Fleux in Paris.


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